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Products Name: SR961 Working Station for Split SWH
Products Intro:
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Products Name: TK8A Controller for Non pressure SWH
Products Intro:
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Products Name: SR962 Working Station for Split SWH
Products Intro:
APPLICATIONS CAPACITY Max.number of collectors:1 Max.number of storage tanks:1 Max.number of relays:3 Max.number of sensors:5 Max.number of application system:1 Main technical data Dimension:  420mm*280mm*155mm Power  supply:2... read more>>
Products Name: SR868C Controller for Split SWH
Products Intro:
TECHNICAL  DATA Dmension:  120mm  x120mm  x18mm Power  supply:200V-240V  AC  or  100V-130V  AC,50-60Hz.  .       Powe... read more>>
Products Name: SR609 Controller for Pressurized SWH
Products Intro:
Main technical data Appearance  of  controller:  see  product  itself  (  dimension:  179mm  x120mm  x43mm) Power  supply:AC230V &nb... read more>>
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